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Resources for Change


For a glimpse of the range of social change topics covered in our training manual see the taster sheets below on Active Nonviolence, Power, Becoming Active, How Social Change Happens, Planning a Campaign, Building the Alternative Society, and Consensus Decision-making. The resources on the other pages are hand-outs, exercises and other tips which complement the taster sheets, and allow for deeper discussions and a more integrated approach to nonviolent living and campaigning. All of our materials are free to download and use, just give us a credit.

multitalented and multitasking RP


Designing a Training Agenda - a bit of this & a bit of that


Designing a training agenda about nonviolent social change requires combining appropriate bits to make a whole. So while we've divided activities thematically, that's just a system for organising the resources. We suggest you take a look at all the activities and think about how they can be combined to create a training agenda with integrity and wholeness.


A day spent on campaign strategy, for example, might start out with nonviolence activities to ensure that everyone shares a similar understanding of nonviolence. Then you might cover a bit about power and how change happens, before getting down to the nuts and bolts of campaign strategy . And all held together by good group process! Click here for sample agendas on various social change themes.


Taster Sheets

To view the Taster Sheets you will need a copy of Adobe® Reader®. If you don't have a copy or if you have an old copy which you would like to update, go to the Adobe website where you can download it for free.


Taster Nonviolence.pdfTaster Nonviolence.pdf545.92 KB
Taster Becoming active.pdfTaster Becoming active.pdf134.54 KB
Taster Power.pdfTaster Power.pdf116.52 KB
Taster How Change Happens.pdfTaster How Change Happens.pdf119.79 KB
Taster Planning a Campaign.pdfTaster Planning a Campaign.pdf123.76 KB
Taster Building the Alternative Society.pdfTaster Building the Alternative Society.pdf142.28 KB
Taster Consensus decision making.pdfTaster Consensus decision making.pdf132.03 KB