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So you want a revolution?

The people are unhappy; the dictator is oppressive. But how to turn protest into regime change? In this article from The Independent, journalist Peter Popham talks to Srdja Popovic was drawn into the protest movement against Milosevic which first erupted in March 1991. Popovic explains "Mainly we see power as the state wants us to, as a monolith. So we believe power is fixed; and nothing can change except the people at the top." As part of the student movement behind pulling down the Milosevic dictatorship Popovic discovered that power is not like that. "The true nature of power is very different. In a society, power can change very swiftly. It can become fragile and can be redistributed, especially in non-democratic regimes... Ultimately, power in society comes from the obedience of the people. And those people – each of whom is individually a small source of power – can change their minds, and refuse to follow commands." Read more here.