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Welcome to Turning the Tide

Coming soon: a new website for Turning the Tide

Our new website will be launched in Spring 2016.  We'll be publishing articles, resources and other materials to support groups and individuals working nonviolently for social and environmental justice. Thanks for your support and patience in the meantime!




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If you are interested in

  • positive change through nonviolent action,
  • nonviolence training,
  • information and resources on nonviolence,

then we hope you’ll find our website useful.


We are discovering new material and workshop activities all the time, so keep checking in with us.




Nonviolence for a change

All over the world, people join together to challenge injustice, overcome oppression and make a more just and peaceful society.


Turning the Tide promotes the understanding and use of nonviolence to help us become more effective.


Nonviolence is a way of doing conflict better; it's not about being passive, doing nothing, responding violently or running away.  It is about actively confronting injustice, struggling creatively to transform the situation and bringing change without doing harm.  


Turning the Tide takes its inspiration and learning from effective nonviolent movements like those of Mohandas Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Dorothy Day, Greenham Women, environmental and economic justice movements, land rights nonviolent activists and many more. We offer workshops, speakers, resources, a journal and advice.


Principles of nonviolence

We don't have a definition of nonviolence because we've learned it means different things to different people, but we use the following principles as the basis for our work:

  • being willing to take action for justice without giving into or mimicking violence
  • respecting and caring for everyone involved in a conflict, including our opponent
  • refusing to harm, damage or degrade people / living things / the earth as a means of achieving goals
  • acting in ways consistent with the ends we seek
  • being prepared take suffering on ourself without inflicting it on others
  • believing that everyone is capable of change and no-one has a monopoly of the truth
  • recognising the importance of training so that nonviolence thinking and behaviour become part of our everyday lives.

Turning the Tide is a programme of Quaker Peace & Social Witness (QPSW). QPSW works with and on behalf of the Quakers in Britain [off-site link].